The journey continues, second date of the 2022-2023 END OF A DREAM concert  today.

The whole team and Kim Hyun Joong arrived safely in Colombia where the welcome was just as warm as in Mexico but a little less hectic given the late hour and perhaps because in Colombia there is a fewer fans.

Attention we did not say that the Colombian fans liked Kim Hyun Joong less than the Mexican fans (we will be lynched otherwise)
Only Colombia has about 49 million inhabitants and Mexico 124 million (phew! We had a close shave !!!)


Arrival at the airport smoothly.

Normal, the Colombian motto is “Liberty and Order”, order being the most important for what we are interested in.

Kim Hyun Joong surrounded by police brings back other distant and less happy memories, but these ones seem quite friendly and pleasant to us.

As in this story of tweets and retweets we never really know who is the initiator of the tweet in question we will use the dedicated formula  “Thanks to the respective owners” who were kind enough to give us news of the trip to Colombia .