We can learn to be considerate of others and to listen to them, but being “good” cannot be taught.

It is a gift that you are born with and those who were not lucky enough to be born with it, can make all the possible and unimaginable efforts but their attitude will always sound false and lack spontaneity.

This is not the case with Kim Hyun Joong and we have the proof in the video below.

We wonder if this person ever lets his anger explode from time to time?
(😈 we did try here but we never got there…)


Met with a long time fan and despite the ever watchful bodyguard and the insistence of what appears to be a protocol person, he took his time to listen and watch and couldn’t help but give her a very big hug.

Isn’t this unexpected spontaneity a trait of someone who can only be naturally Good?


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…and one more  welcome video, thank you very much to the fans in Philippines :