We were really scared and had to wait two and a half minutes to feel reassured : Kim Hyun Joong had no intention of staying 4m30 looking at a white wall with his headphones on…

It’s the 15th cover and please no mistaking about what follows

We love discovering beautiful Korean ballads and rediscovering songs in English with new arrangements and a very special touch, but as the weeks go by, many have the feeling that this is no longer a “new version of an artist who wants to tell us beautiful stories” as we were told, but an artist who is trying to tell us a story.

His own? We admit we’re a bit lost…

Sometimes words fail us and using the words of others may seem easier, but isn’t it preferable to be clear with our own words at the risk of hurting?

Ambiguity has never solved difficult situations; burying your head in the sand only serves to postpone having to face up to a reality and is never very helpful in moving forward.

There’s a proverb that says “If the door doesn’t open, it means it’s the wrong door”.

Sometimes it’s just the wrong key.

So change the key or change the door?

Isn’t it also said that when one door closes, another always opens?

In this lifelong labyrinth of doors to go through and close, why waste time complaining about the one that won’t open?



Let’s be reassured by Kim Hyun Joong’s sublime voice and the message at the end of the video, which are indeed his own.


… and this time we’ll let you to find out the real  story behind this Coldplay song.