We were about to start our rainy and gray weekend peacefully, but something has been bothering us for the past few days and it absolutely has to come out…

Perhaps we shouldn’t have because it can be discouraging, but it’s true that we said that we didn’t really believe in all these more or less bogus online votes, on sites to which you have to subscribe and who then use our contact details to invade us with advertising and solicitations of all kinds.

If we called you to vote for Kim Hyun Joong on The Netizens Report site , it’s because for once, it’s something very easy to use and the site doesn’t ask us for any subscription. .

Of course whoever votes doesn’t win anything, sorry, but voting for your favorite artist requires a very small effort, and seeing him appear for a few days on a giant screen on a famous avenue wouldn’t it already be a gift?

Where are the people who boasted of having succeeded in the previous 2022 ballot in raising Kim Hyun Joong to a Top 10 ranking?

Will they arrive only at the end of the vote?

A bit like when we finally see them appear in the comments of music videos uploaded on the official Youtube channel, as soon as the counters start approaching one million views, to tell the dozens of others who have been toiling like crazy for days :
Come on, go on,  a little more effort “we“are almost there”

Don’t some also think that after all they don’t need to participate in these votes because they can themselves afford billboards in New York, Seoul or Champs Elysées?

Billboards that we buy and on which we can put our flag and our name prominently.

Billboards that we can then brag about on our social accounts, sometimes including a picture of our best profile from multiple angles (😈we love those with plunging necklines!),
because we absolutely want to let
know our artist how much we love him, and because above all we want to let others know that we love him much more than they do.



Guys, it’s free!

This is happening until June 15th on this link = >. THE NITIZENS REPORT VOTE
and you can vote twice a day (every 12 hours)

Today, artists we’ve never heard of (sorry to their fans), are at the top of the list with scores that exceed 30,000 votes.

Kim Hyun Joong miserably reaches 2600.


Do we really want to introduce our artist to new people who might appreciate him as much as we do?

Or do we prefer to keep strutting around congratulating each other “as a family”?


Our artist changes, evolves, advances.


What about his fans?


Everything is fine, let’s not change anything.


Have a good weekend everyone.