No, we won’t comment disparagingly on the number of covers.
After all, at the moment one need to find time to rehearse for the next tour, record songs and film this weekly content.

In spite of everything, we still enjoy discovering Kim Hyun Joong’s voice each week in new registers and in new scenarios.

This week we like the way he supports certain words on “how we use to shine” “like a glass of wine” “you look soo inspired
…and what about those two or three little rocky notes he’s tended to come up with lately? 🤗

The video is beautiful and really highlights Kim Hyun Joong.
Even if he still looks serious given the lyrics, we’re really glad he took us for a drive to get some fresh air.

There’s so much to say about the message of this song, “You can only do it once“.

Let’s just say that at certain stages of our lives, we tend to replay our past memories in a very nostalgic way.

In our opinion, we shouldn’t wallow in this state for long, because we can never be what we once were again.

We just can  try to be someone better.

Remaining dreaming of our past, as brilliant as it may have been, prevents us from fighting and facing our future… whatever it may be.