Kim Hyun Joong on the “Rising Impact” Tour Poster Logo
“I put an arrow in this tour poster because I would like to impact my fans with my music,  and I put all my wishes and passion into it, the end of this arrow I give it to my fans, so that I can pierce their hearts”


The Latin American dates of  Tour Rising Impact have been announced by the organizer STUDIO_PAV LATAM.

2/11 – CHILE (Santiago)
4/11 – BRAZIL (São Paulo)
8/11 – BOLIVIA (La Paz)
10/11 – PERU (Lima)
12/11 – ECUADOR (San Francisco de Quito)
15/11 – COLOMBIA (Bogota)
11/17 – COSTA RICA
11/19 – MEXICO (Guadalajara)
11/22 – MEXICO (Monterrey)
11/27 – MEXICO (Ciudad de Mexico)


For the rest of the continents including Europe, if we refer to the message interspersed in the content of today’s Epilogue on Youtube we must try, if we still can, to continue to arm ourselves with a lot of patience and solicitude.


Message KHJ (automatic translation)

“Please give me your love and support,  to me and to my Youtube channel.
I would appreciate the love and support of my European fans so that I can perform concerts in Europe and all over the world.
I will do my best to meet my fans all over the world”





If you love a flower that is in a star,
it’s sweet at night to look at the sky”

For now, that’s all we can do.
Looking at the sky from far, far away, thinking that this could be heaven.