Observing since their opening the ticket ‘offices’ in the United States we do not manage to understand why the tickets for the tour have so much difficulty in being sold!

We are far from the filling scores of the PACIFICO Yokohama Hall in Japan, which was filled two evenings in a row.

5,000 seats per evening is a dream, isn’t it?

Was it to ambitious to choose three different locations?

We don’t think so.
Firstly because we think that we are never ambitious enough when it comes to realizing a dream, and secondly because the territory of the United States being vast, three different locations are amply justified.

So where is the problem? Ticket prices?

You have to cushion the travel of an entire team, and Kim Hyun Joong’s concerts do not benefit from sponsorship or unlimited funding from a multinational.

Would we have done it better here?

Probably not…and we’re not specialists in ticket sales, but all we know is that the purchasing power of people has gone down almost everywhere, including in the United States, and in as far as Europe is concerned, we are almost sure that the price of the VIP ticket would seem to us much too high compared to the prices currently practiced.

Afterwards, we can also tell ourselves that we are not all obliged to buy a VIP ticket (which are the ones that have sold the best); there are still plenty of tickets available at more affordable prices.

The seat doesn’t matter, as long as we’re in the same room.
The important thing is to take part in the event together and take full advantage, telling ourselves that this may be the last time for a long time, right?


Our distant thoughts being as far from helping the sales soar, we still came to the conclusion that if we manage to display giant billboards with Kim Hyun Joong’s head all over the streets of Seoul on certain occasions , we should also be able to show solidarity in a way that is more profitable for all, by helping as far as we can,  some people who would like to go to one of his concerts but who have not yet decided to do so.


So we have ten tickets to  offer :

🎁 FOUR VIPs and TWO MEZANINE for Tribeca in NEW YORK – Sunday concert 06/11/2022

🎁 TWO VIPs for Central Church in LAS VEGAS – Friday concert 11/11/2022

🎁 TWO VIPs for Grove Anaheim in LOS ANGELES – Saturday concert 12/11/2022


We don’t know yet how we will proceed but we will make a decision before next Monday.

Have a nice weekend everyone.😚