This is not the parameter that interests us the most, but today we had fun looking at the statistics for this site.

You know what ? It wasn’t that fun.

Apart from consolidating our ego with the total number of our visitors, it mainly served to confirm our feeling of total incomprehension.


We explain.
On the American continent side we have had the last 6 months, a constant average of 3,000 Mexican visitors, 300 Canadians and 700 Americans.

The last ones alone have exploded the number of impressions of the site (the number of times content has been viewed): 17,000,聽 and we thank them for their visits and their interest in what we put online.


Among these 700 people who visited us, is there really no one interested in the 10 unfortunate concert tickets that we have been offering for a week?


Are one even aware of how many fans who live in India, for example, would like to be able to afford even an annual subscription to the official Korean fan club?

Do people know that not very far in Latin America, there are some who have begged on public transport to be able to buy a ticket for Kim Hyun Joong’s concert?


On the other hand, and this may be a transfer of guilt, there will always be someone to remind us that we are not trying hard enough to “spread the word”.

We do not see what more we can do and we assure you that efforts are made with our means, even if they are not visible, but all the goodwill of a handful of fans will never replace the experience of someone whose job is to promote an artist.

We can only encourage people to fill concert halls but unfortunately we cannot reserve all the places (especially if they are destined to remain empty during a concert!)



The question that we have been asking ourselves for some time now will not contribute to exhausting a ticket office, but it may help to find the beginning of an answer…


Does an artist always have the kind of fans he deserve?


and we could turn the question another way:


Does an artist deserve the fans he has?


Our answer to both questions is聽 NO and yours?





As we are in a nostalgic mood, we leave you with an old performance by Kim Hyun Joong.
It was the good old days. We were young. We were beautiful.

Today we are still young and beautiful, we play and sing even better than before, so WHY?

Have a nice week everyone,
We’re going to put on our dark glasses and it doesn’t matter if it’s dark night and we don’t see anything…


Composer and original singer: ERU

Even if the night is really dark, I wear dark glasses.
It’s okay if I can’t see anything, because all I want to do is cry.
Since a girl I really loved left me
Yes, she’s the girl who cries in my heart.
I love you and I cry too
Because I want to see you so much I’d rather die.
I’m sorry and even though I haven’t been good to you, I will love you until we part.
Please become a happy person