Thanks to Henecia Chile OFICIAL, Latin American Fans, Sisterhood Chile, the different people credited on the Twitter videos and above all a big thank you to — K@ty✨KHJ✨ (@KatyKHJS). who directed us throughout the concert via Twitter to the various live links.

The sound and images are not perfect but immerse us perfectly in the atmosphere of this room more intimate than the previous ones, which leaves us a little hope of a touring here too. 😔

We also want to listen to Four Seasons and Rightabout live and witness one of these super guitar solos that are becoming more and more frequent.

We particularly appreciated the set list of this last concert; our favorite of this entire Latin American tour.

…And this Song for a Dreamer followed by a Rightabout in the middle of the audience is a beautiful, invaluable, and surely more appreciable moment than a flash passage to shake the artist’s hand for a thousandth of a second at the end of a concert.

Here everyone has somehow his VIP advantage.


🌏🌎🌍22/23 KIM HYUN JOONG WORLD TOUR “The End of a Dream”

Chili, Teatro Cariola -10 oct 2022-

🪐Arrival of Gemini at the concert hall



🪐Start of the concert




🌻Following  the concert GRACIAS HENECIA CHILE OFICIAL!!!🌻

🪐General view of the room


🪐Nice small advanced stage with an impregnable angle of view from below 😋😛🤪



FOUR SEASONS 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰










🌻CREDIT KimHyunJoong Sisterhood Chile🌻





🪐Little surprise prepared by the fans





🌹🌹Muchas gracias a todas 



😍 photos Javier Vergara