This week we’ve decided not to look for double meanings in the lyrics of the songs covered by Kim Hyun Joong.

Especially as the author of the song himself is still wondering what he intended to say when he wrote it.

So you can spend days composing a song that you want to be perfect and that will never achieve the success you’re hoping for, while another day, in the corner of a corridor, you compose something in an hour, give it the name of what has become a psychedelic cocktail and your work reaches the astral heights of the international charts for years.

So high, in fact, that when a supernova* appeared in 2003,  the phenomenon  was named after the Oasis song.
(For once French managed to see something, but it’s true they were equipped with a telescope and helped by Canada and Hawaii).

But we’re getting off the subject.

So, for this very pop rock and very British cover, which goes wonderfully with Kim Hyun Joong’s voice, we are also treated to a little harmonica piece that delights us, lend an ear, surely by PARK JUNH YUNG whom we already had the opportunity to see at work in This is Love (Music in Korea 1)

1995 song by the group OASIS – Champagne Supernova.


(*) Supernova: is a powerful and luminous explosion of a star.
A supernova occurs during the final stages of evolution of a massive star or when a white dwarf goes into nuclear fusion.
The original object, called the progenitor, collapses to become a neutron star or a black star.
Source: WP