Today we tell you a story of bureaucracy!

Kim Hyun Joong was a victim of Bureaucracy.
(… and no matter how much you tell yourself that he certainly already has some experience in this area, you never get used to this kind of situation)

The definition of a bureaucrat is according to the Larousse dictionary:
“Civil servant, employee imbued with his importance and abusing his power over the public”.


We have another definition:
“Little Small-time chief who gets up every morning to make an appearance at his office and imbued with the illusory importance of his little person has decided to P…Off  others all the while throughout his day”.

No, we do not settle accounts with anyone, we have only met a few in our life and they are more pitied than envied.


In short, a little guy sat down on a pile of papers at his desk,  forgot to sign one, the authorization for the concert in Colombia.

After the entire stage is set up and rehearsals begin, it’s an overwhelmed Kim Hyun Joong who has to announce that the concert will not be held.

Obviously being Sunday the little  small-time chief is not working, so the little signature on the very important little piece of paper has to wait.

We don’t overwhelm the organizers either, because they must already be sorry enough by what is happening, and because this concert having come very late in this tour, it was surely a race against time to organize everything. 

When we know that even here, just to have an authorization to film a monument in Paris for two minutes, we have to fill out different forms and wait for a certain period of time to get an agreement, we can imagine that for a whole concert where  hundreds of people are welcomed, you have to be sure that all security measures have been taken.


Our Hyun Joong, who has just heard the news and who is painful to see, decides in the process to do a Live on Instagram from his hotel room, to bring some comfort to the disappointed people who have moved. (some from Sweden!!! wow!!!)

We missed it given the time, but some fans have kindly made available to us captures of these direct.

We can hear very well the translation of Kim Hyun Joong’s words in a perfect Cerventes language, but we will do a transcription later for those who don’t understand.

To sum up, Kim Hyun Joong is really saddened by what is happening and for the people who have moved on.

In the process he announces that a new concert will probably be scheduled for next October 8, and there we recognize him well:
Against all odds ” let’s be persevering and brave the difficulties to achieve our ends.

Always take the positive side out of every setback.

Tell yourself that in the end, everyone is in good health and even has extra time to rest or to connect with their family in Korea (WhatsApp is a global application, isn’t it?)

Tell yourself that you may have unforeseen expenses in plane tickets and other hotel stays but that you will keep your promises.

Know that the mere fact that Kim Hyun Joong is in Colombia, even if the concert has not taken place, already means a lot to Colombians; Kim Hyun Joong breathes the same air as us ” we could read in some comments.


Can’t help but think that Kim Hyun Joong made the right decision by choosing to continue his career other than as a soloist.
Being in a group, ” all embarked on the same galley ” makes you stronger… and gives you memories to tell each other later.




Don’t forget to offer a few concert tickets to the little small-time chief
( if no other thing🤐)
We bet the signing of the paper he left sleep
under his… elbow will happen as if by magic.







Here is a set of different videos that we found on the internet.

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InstaLive live from the hotel room


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