So we ate ramen (noodles) and chicken straight from Chef Hyun Joong’s kitchen at dawn.

No, we didn’t have dessert, because if we understood Korean customs there, they are salty and spicy and not too dessert after a meal.

It would seem that the little sweets are eaten at other times of the day.

For those who were still sleeping, and as we don’t think that the Henecia agency will put this live online, it would be a little weird if they did since it is a “benefit” of the fan club members .

But, as it is not because someone is not, for one reason or another, a member of a fanclub that he is less of a fan of the artist, we have made a summary of some images from the live .
(👨‍🍳 update : check the official channel – they will upload the video soon…)

This time the filming is very similar to what we saw on the BILIBILI channel some time ago and we like it.

Super framing, finished the filmer who was on the move and who made us feel a bit dizzy.

Perfect composition and lighting, but after all it’s a kitchen and it was a cooking class.

A facetious and fit Kim Hyun Joong who very dynamically presented his menu to around 1000 people who attended the live broadcast.


Have a good weekend everyone.

Bon Appétit.