Some reports about Kim Hyun Joong’s visit to Bolivia.

We like the cheerful and playful tone of the presenters.

We like their “neutrality” and the fact that they didn’t let themselves be tempted by the “old hot news” when they summarize Kim Hyun Joong’s career.

In general, congratulations to the Latin American press for not giving us the same old refrains that a certain Asian press systematically uses for lack of imagination or because it’s too hard to make the effort to work on a real subject.

We love this Bolivian interviewer Miguel Uriarte Ibarra, who allows Kim Hyun Joong to show us once again, how friendly he is, empathetic with his interlocutors, very down to earth and always willing to participate in the most extravagant requests that are made to him.

Experiments with magic bottles in Japan, folk dance steps in Bolivia; where another artist would have been afraid to look ridiculous, Kim Hyun Joong is always up for it.

Give yourself pleasure by giving pleasure to others  seems to be one of his mottos.




Forget the Lambada, the next dance that will be all the rage is called SALAY* and it comes from Bolivia.

* dance embodying the trampling whose cadence represents the flirtation in a couple.


Via Ary Hyun