After a long wait, we finally have Kim Hyun Joong the dancer, and he is also challenging us on Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.

Dancing to the  ryhthm of BINGGLE BINGGLE , one of the new tracks from the album MY SUN, he released his most beautiful hips to invite us to follow his choreography and post our version.

It must be said that he started very early today, at dawn he was already trying to make us dance (see official Youtube KHJ).

Nobody will make us believe that the imitation of the dance steps of a famous Korean group during the last Christmas meeting in Japan was an improvised moment.

Mr. Hyun Joong trains hard, but as he has the rhythm under his skin and a few years of experience in the matter, he gives us the impression that all of this is very easy.

SO ?
Will the Bingle Bingle dance go viral?

Post your version side by side with the original so that it goes around the PLA-NET.

You don’t have to break out your little Gucci shoes or look like a sex bomb while dressing so smart for your version of this dance😋

Anyway no one will be able to look like him, and yet there are some who have tried, but they were very pale imitations. 🤤

(🤨 Uh, wouldn’t we be a little too excited here?)






(also on Youtube and TikTok)


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Binggle Binggle Kim Hyun Joong MY SUN
℗ 2022 HENECIA
Released: 11-23-2022
Co- Arrangers and Composers: Kim Eun Chong and Park Jun Hyung