In France we talk about March rain showers (giboules).
These continuous rain showers, crossed from time to time by small rays of sunshine, linked to the transition from Winter to Spring.

In fact , we don’t understand why they are said to be from March, as they usually linger until April.
(😈and in Paris area, a very favored region, we have March giboules for 366 days a year!!)

Today in Paris is a morning like that. Sad, gray and rainy, but a little ray of sunshine was sent to us from far away.

We were looking for the moment when Kim Hyun Joong sang a new version of “Why” and we found it last night.
(😈 they sometimes sleep too don’t worry…)


It was in Seoul, during the fan meeting on March 3 for the presentation of the new album “My Sun”.


Shhh 🤫 it was forbidden to film, but thanks to Cirevina @cirevina we have a little glimpse of the atmosphere, and this little excerpt of the “WHY” acoustic version  which seems to be a wonder.

Thanks to Jackiek606 @jackiek606 we already knew that before singing this song, Kim Hyun Joong asked if there were any French fans in the room…

Unfortunately no French people 😢

But… there were Italians and Ingrid who represented Belgium and Europe with dignity. 😊


👉👉Instagram link to our montage of the meeting.


Too bad we don’t have a longer version….

Did you get the message?
If anyone finds a longer version feel free to send us the link….


Even better, if Kim Hyun Joong would like to sing it again in concert or during an Instagram Live it would really please a lot of people.🥰


Here is the video of Cirevina 👇👇👇


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