We have beautiful video footage of Kim Hyun Joong’s first performance in Japan, uploaded by: ” byolbityonjung” [Starlight Hyunjung ] on her (or his) YOUTUBE channel 

Byolbityonjung [Starlight Hyunjung ] has been sharing very beautiful videos of Kim Hyun Joong’s concerts on her/his channel since 2019.


Here is the translation of the message that accompanies the video (you should also always read the messages and not just watch the videos😉 ):

[Kim Hyun Joong] :
“What words should I say?
For this last song, I will show you the sincerity of my heart.
I will sing it as a message.
“Thank you”

[Starlight Hyunjung ]: He shed tears and poured his heart and soul into it.

I wanted to show you this video, so I cried while filming it, so the video is shaking a bit while I’m crying.




We wish Kim Hyun Joong and the whole team such a great second performance today.

We hope they will soon return safe and sound to join their families in Korea before the arrival of the terrible typhoon Hinnamnor which is on the outskirts of South Korea and Japan and is scheduled to arrive tomorrow 5/9 or after -tomorrow 6/9.


For today we prefer to watch less anxiety-provoking news and will take a little tour of recent and old videos of “Byolbityonjung” [Starlight Hyunjung ] to spend a pleasant Sunday.


Thanks to her (or to him?) for her/his images which always put us perfectly in the mood for each concert. 🙏🙏