Thing promised thing due.
Sorry for the delay we are a little overwhelmed at this time of year.

So, we are not going to invent a labyrinthine system to allocate the 10 tickets that are on offer.

We have decided to offer them in pairs, because it is better to leave accompanied when it comes to travel, and we advise the people who will win these tickets to get closer, if necessary, to the various American fanclubs for more information about transport and accommodation.


We will therefore offer all 10 tickets we have to 5 people.

🎁 FOUR VIP tickets and TWO MEZANINE for NEW YORK – concert of 06/11/2022
which will correspond to 3 “winners”

🎁 TWO VIPs for LAS VEGAS – concert on 11/11/2022
which will correspond to a “winner”

🎁 TWO VIPs for LOS ANGELES – concert of 12/11/2022
which will correspond to a “winner”



Terms and common sense advice:

We have no doubt that many people want to attend these concerts, but first make sure you can go there, otherwise give someone else the opportunity to do so.

1- First, make sure that you will be able to travel on the dates of the concert for which you would like to have these tickets (especially if you are not in the United States, find out about the formalities, entry permits and any health restrictions if there are any…)


2- Don’t ‘apply’ if you have already bought a ticket, give the chance to someone who doesn’t have it yet (but nothing prevents you from inviting two of your friends to accompany you to the concert… 😊)


3- Send us an email specifying:

– Your name and the country where you live.

– Your email (the one to which the tickets will be transferred and that you will use to connect to the ticketing service of each concert  organizer)

– The name of the city in which the concert you want to attend is held: NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES or LAS VEGAS

– A few words to tell us about your level of motivation to attend one of these concerts


4- E-mail address where to send your requests:


5-Deadline for sending your requests:  SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 midnight (French time)



In case someone is tempted to send in their request with the intention of making any financial profit from the tickets that may be won, we would like to inform that tickets for these concerts ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.