On this first day of the month of September, here a period of “Back to School” and of eternal beginnings for some, we would like to thank the 40,000 (different) visitors of all nationalities to this site , who have made more than 95,000 visits to us during these first eight month of the year and which gave us the pleasure of viewing more than 500,000 of our pages (around 1,250,000 hits).

Thank you very much for your interest in our writings, and in Kim Hyun Joong.

Sorry for our little mood swings, never mean, you certainly understood that.
(😈 it’s the fault of caffeine, serotonin and other dopamines…).


What’s the point of talking about our modest “scores”?

They serve as consolation to us.

We are the first to be sorry that we did not know how to do more or perhaps differently, and that our efforts did not succeed either in the direction of our expectations, nor in that of most of the people who visit us.

Bonne Rentrée everyone!