Childlike   is not our favorite song among the first four tracks of the My Sun album.

We haven’t even managed to decide if we put it in second or third place on this first outing, but we have to admit that it’s a very beautiful song, which “plays well on the radio “, in concert and that we easily remember (especially since a memorable swaying on stage…)

The second part of the album will soon be released  (on 23th November), and even if Kim Hyun Joong let it be known that the songs to come are even more beautiful than the first four, he will have to do very hard to get us close to the Woww effect from a  Rightabout casually placed in eighth place on the A Bell Of Blessing album.


Kim Hyun Joong made a ‘homemade’ music video by nostalgically collecting all of his childhood memories.

He even took care to have the lyrics translated into four languages, as soon as it was broadcast, and he asked for our attention for this release.

So, messages of love we see a lot, but where are the views?

72 hours after he bared his heart and memories, this video just reached 50,000 views.

Almost the same number of views as one of his weekly videos, and half the 37 minute video of a certain guy who is certainly super friendly, super professional, super fun to watch, but sorry, super annoying too, and that we stopped watching after 6 minutes because he was too preoccupied with placing commercial products every 3 minutes during his round of golf.

Is this the solution to increase views?
Placing jars of Nutella amidst childhood memories?


There are girls who spent their weekend listening to this song on repeat with the hope of making it reach 1 million views…

There is Kim Hyun Joong who has just returned from a tour where he visited 5 countries…

The finding is simply distressing.

He didn’t ask for money, he only asked for attention and a bit of our time to listen to him.

If only a quarter of the subscribers of the official channel, that is to say 250,000, listened for four days, if only once a day to this song…


Where has everyone gone?