We’ve been waiting for it, it’s almost here.

ATOM MUSIC HEART’s second album MASS OF THE CITY will be released on the night of September 13-14.

The teaser that we can already listen to on their Instagram account promises us sweetness.

Soft-hearted rockers are coming in a week!



AMH message


Atom Music Heart’s second full-length album, “The Texture of the City,” will be released at 00:00 on September 14th after Chuseok. It’s the night that goes from Tuesday the 13th to Wednesday the 14th. I don’t dare to comfort your great daily life, but I hope these songs are comforting.


Atom music heart @atom_music_heart


For domestic (KOREA) release, this is happening on Sep. 14th at midnight.
Unfortunately due to some distributional policies, international release will be delayed for a week or 2 at max.
We apologize for the inconvinience.
We’ll do our best to deliver our music to your ears as soon as possible.
Thank you


Composed/written/arranged – Hunzo @hunzyo


Others – Hong In-sung @_ish808 / Hunjo @hunzyo
Drum – Jun Jihwan @jihwan_dr
Base – Choi Yechan @choi_yeah_chan
Vocalist – Hunzo @hunzyo


Recording – Hunjo / Hong Inseong at Low Pie Melody
Vocal Recording (Track 2) – Kim Bo Jong
@vojong at omgsound
Mixing – Hunjo at Low Pie Melody
Mastering – Gus Elg @sky_onion


Bandoneon – High Sangji @sangjikoh
Accordion – Kim Insoo @gongfromhell
Keyboard – Heejin @freaky_effy


Album jacket design
Jeonghan @motnarajeong




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