We no longer present BUDUNG, we have already done so three times.

This time she participated in a show on The EBS Space channel.

Guess who was with her?

The full Gemini Band and Grace Park.
Two keyboards on stage wow!

Take a look at the EBS channel and leave a nice little comment.

Ah, and it’s not a Gemini concert, it’s a Budung concert guys!

Listen to it, we assure you that you will have a good time.


0:00 00 “This is a song I made after feeling ‘that person will never love me’. Forever(Youngyoung in Korean, is the same pronounced as the number 00), I serenely wrote about things that could not be resolved despite all my efforts.” – Budung

4:02  Like a Swallow “
“This song was made with the hope that it will give strength to a friend who is always taking on new challenges despite knowing how difficult it is. I look forward to the stories you will come back to tell!” – Budung

8:49  In a bright spring day “
“I released a cute song I wrote when I was 19 as an excuse for spring. The song in the streaming services was with singer-songwriter Jungwoo, so you will be able to feel a different chemistry there.” – Budung

12:45  Guess Who?
“As you live your life, the things around come closer for unknown reasons and move away for unknown reasons. I made it because I wanted to sing it with my people as I greeted a day that came like a wave.” – Budung

16:59  All My Sadness “
“This song was made while thinking of the people who were with me when I was in my early 20s when I had a lot of sad things. Even though we couldn’t give each other practical help, the memory of sharing our sorrows still makes us find each other.” – Budung