Three days ago ATOM MUSIC HEART released a new single produced by the promoter SQUINT YOUR EYE @squint_your_eye_official.

Atom Music Heart arranged a song from their second  EP, ODD SPILL (2000)

We really like the visual approach of this promotion and we can access to this new arrangement on Youtube !!
Even if we don’t quite understand why the single is generated by the Youtube Topics instead of appearing in👉  their official channel
(🧐 probably a question of promotion rights but after all this is not our business … )


Hereinafter the message from ATOM MUSIC HEART and the video posted three days ago.

Go take a look because the view counter is ridiculously low 😕

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Hun Joe’s Message

( … )  I arranged an acoustic version of the song Odd Spill, which was included in the second EP[ original version of 2000 ]
On suggestion of @squint_your_eye_official a planner and promoter who tries to promote indie music [ independent ] from Korea and Japan, I participated in the acoustic compilation album – < 440 Acoustic Waves > with 7 teams, and the results are released today.

Please listen a lot.

I think it was successful.


If I ever had an acoustic arrangement, the first song I wanted to do was this one and it went well.
If you think about the performance of MTV Unplugged in Nirvana in the 90s, you will find a reference to our arrangement shortly.
( By the way, the original song is David Bowie. Bowie is the best )

He died in 94 so next year Mr. Curt will be gone for 30 years.
We commemorated our farewell to Bowie with the meaning of Weebow, so this time our hearts will be witty by the strange spill. ( … )

The complete original message here 👉 👉 INSTAGRAM AMH