🍏 ATOM MUSIC HEART band from HENECIA agency performed yesterday in a concert bar, the JEBI DABANG Café in Seoul.

Here’s how JEDI DABANG Café Concert describes itself:
“Jebi Dabang is a stylish café in Seoul that turns into a live music club after 6 p.m.,
Thursday through Sunday, with no entrance fee required to enjoy shows.
This is a recommended place for solo travellers”


🍏 ATOM MUSIC HEART is currently in reduced numbers and we didn’t understand why for a few months the band had only been working with two members while in September there were still four, and even if we understood that one of the four had left for military service,  one wondered where the fourth had gone.
We understand it better with the message that Hyun Joe posted this morning.


🍏 They continue to work and they deserve our support.
So please go to the JEBI DABANG Youtube channel listen to ATOM MUSIC HEART and leave them a comment or a like because the group deserves it.


🍎 Here is Hyun Joong’s message on his Instagram page 


4/9 (Soleil) thank you to everyone who came to the Jebi Dabang concert, and those who came by chance to meet AMH music.
Thanks to you I had a great show.

Sorry I haven’t posted much news – it’s been a while since I posted much news.

It’s a long post and I’m afraid Instagram won’t allow us to write everything in two languages.
I will post a separate post in English. Meanwhile, thanks to those who watched us via Jebi-On-Air.
We read all the chat messages and were very grateful.
Cheers !

Pictured is a drawing given to us by an audience member who came to the show yesterday.
It can’t be a good photo.
I quickly ordered a solid wood color frame to match it.
I will keep it well with a frame for a long time.

AMH started with a group of 5 members, and looks back on how to replace toxic members.
I tried to continue (…) as much as I could with the four-member team that remained after the twists, but due to military service and Jeon Ji-hwan for personal reasons, he didn’t only two remained.

Choi Ye-chan recently completed his boot camp training well and joined the military battalion.
Please support him for a safe and healthy military life, and his career as a musician that will continue beyond his release
Hong In-sung could not fully agree with the direction and future plans of the team, so he decided to not stay here by personal choice and team choice.
I was a member for a long time and I have many memories.
It wasn’t an easy choice for either side, but I don’t think the relationship over the years has been all about trial and error.
Please support him in his future endeavours.

In 2023, we redefined AMH as a trio.
Trio Fortune is what I most wanted to do while playing band music.
I was both scared and excited to create a band/trio that I wondered what it would be like if my beard faded while I was poetically hard-on
I hope the lack of sound will be filled abundantly with your support.

I didn’t get a bassist right away, but I didn’t want to end my performance life.
It would have been a shame to have missed that face that I accumulated playing almost 60 performances last year.

I sent an SOS to bassist Go Sanghyun.
He often offered to help with the sessions and spent almost half a year developing these trio arrangements.
We couldn’t count on him for long, so we kept trying to find new members during this time 

There was a change of members so I had to be careful of the circumstances and I think you will understand that.
After much discussion and contemplation, we decided to try music with one person.
Sooner or later, I will introduce him to you and greet you with his works and performances.

Bassist Go Sanghyun, who helped me a lot, and to whom I wanted to express my feelings and coordinates my half-year journey with him through a performance on May 6 (Saturday).

There’s no release date, but better than ever, I’m preparing a little solo performance.

I will post more details next week in an announcement.



🍎 Here is the link to the JEBI DABANG LIVE Youtube channel – leave them a little comment or just a  like 👍