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We have often thought so.

It is impossible that scripts for films or series have not been proposed to Kim Hyun Joong.

Even the most resentfuls Koreans producers can’t ignore that they have an actor “on hand” who won a award : Best Performance in a Leading Role at the 2020 IIFA Film Festival in Los Angeles, that means something right?


So where is the problem?

The urge that one may have to dedicate oneself to playing music and participating in world tours does not leave much space for film shoots, but, we also seem to have detected on several occasions the envy to play the actor.

Waiting for THE ideal scenario?

We are aware that producing a film involves significant funding for an uncertain result most of the time, but isn’t the perfect scenario the one you write yourself?


Why not produce or co-produce your own creations?

.. and who cares about big machinery, just want to see an independent production with an actor who has paid enough for his desire for independence!


Haven’t we been able to produce a whole symphony concert?

Why not continue with perhaps a short film?


HENECIA PRODUCTIONS it sounds so good…




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