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What’s the point of a certain days abstinence if you’re still obsessed with the same subject?

Stop right there! Why do you ask that?

Did we say we were “abstaining” from Kim Hyun Joong?

We’re “just” trying to do a social networking and “likes” cure, that’s all!
(and we can assure you that it’s really hard to restrict yourself when you’re itching to leave a little thumbs-up or a little comment😭 )

As we try to keep activity to a minimum, we finally have time to look elsewhere, even if most of the topics still have something to do with Kim Hyun Joong….

Today, we had time (it’s so nice to have time😊 ), to watch the animated film “5 centimeters per second” by director Makoto Shinkai which confirms that even if we’re obsessed with a certain Korean artist, he’s often helped us broaden our horizons by introducing us to people we didn’t know existed.

Why talk about this film?

Because of one of Kim Hyun Joong’s covers, of course.
The song One More Time, One More Chance by Japanese singer-songwriter Yamazaki Masayoshi.
Because this song is part of the soundtrack to this 2007 animated film!!!!

It’s never too late to make discoveries that enchant you.

For those who are as ignorant as we are, we leave below as a discovery, two trailers.

Don’t they make you want to watch an animated film, even if it’s not the kind you usually watch?

Do you know where the title of this film comes from? 5 cm per second…

It’s a poetic Asian definition that seems to come from the speed at which the petals of wilted cherry blossoms fall, and is said to be a “metaphorical representation of the slowness of human life and the way it often begins together and slowly drifts apart”.


Trailer in Japanese with French subtitles

Trailer in english



Here is the original version of the song One more time, One more chance by its original composer Yamazaki Masayoshi.

55 million views on Youtube over the past 14 years is enough to make you dream… 🤔

This video is not of perfect quality as it is very old, but here is the link to the official website of this artist who is still active and who also has a fanclub whose name is BOOGIE HOUSE.

YMAZAKI MASAYOSHI official web site


and here’s our favorite Korean’s version…

Yes, it’s sad, but so what?

If you want to cheer yourself up with something Korean only less sentimental, you need to subscribe to the PSY fan club and play Gangnam style on a loop!
(😈 or go straight to the psychiatrist, but that will cost you more)