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Come on, cheer up, there’s only 24 days to go!

But weaning from what exactly?

Kim Hyun Joong?
Impossible, we’re completely hooked!
(😈yeah, teeth marks in the heart, mind and a bit everywhere else…🧛‍♀️)


Wean yourself off the slavery of likes, views, comments.

The likes you give, the likes you receive, the views you give, the views you receive, the comments you write, the comments you moderate…

Weaning yourself off the constant influx of “notifications” when you’re subscribed to every Youtube or Instagram account on the planet.
This wasn’t really the case for us, but as we only discovered the function that blocks the little bell from turning red or starting to tilt very late, we might as well tell you that beeping noises often arrived day and night (🥴especially at night given the time differences).


It seems that the serious side effects of certain withdrawals appear between 6 and 48 hours after stopping the addiction, and dissipate within 2 to 5 days in the absence of complications.

We’re proud to report that we’ve just reached our sixth day without any major complications.


“You are gonna make it
You know you can make it !”