Archives 29-June-2023



Last night we broke our decision not to post anything on the net for a month, but we wanted to give someone a hug (a totally friendly cuddle, we’d like to make that clear) and this was the only way we could do it.

It was only a tiny bit of content, but we won’t tell anyone so as not to lose our bet.

Anyway, 4 more days and we’ll soon be out of quarantine.


Right now we want to talk about the emotional state of some over-sensitive creative geniuses.

A real rollercoaster.

What’s all this about constant self-doubt?

Questioning yourself is fine – we even think we should do it every morning – but doubting yourself is not the same thing.

To start again is fine, but erase everything we say NO! Because erase is deny, and so many beautiful things of which we can be proud have been accomplished, and so much ground has been covered.

It would also mean saying that all the pain and effort is in vain, and that there’s no point in trying.

Are we just going to sit at home in front of the TV, watching other people’s work and dreaming of being like them, when we can do just as well or even better?


We thought everything was fine but no,  and now we’re worrying everyone again?

Aren’t we a little tired?

Did we forget to rest during holidays again?

What is it this time?

The guy with the tie is still bothering  everyone ?

What the hell!

Sack him!!!