Yes, this title is just a dream, but someone once told us that if you dream hard enough, some dreams eventually come true, so today we’d like to do some ticketing calculations and put ourselves in the shoes of the fan who thinks he’s the financial director of the Henecia agency (yes, the guy in the tie who watches every Won spent with a magnifying glass – we’ve already told you about him).

It’s no secret that we’d love to see Kim Hyun Joong in concert in Europe, and that if he came to France it would obviously be even better (for us), even if we’re prepared to visit every little European village where he performs (while telling ourselves that, with the luck we’ve got, the day he decides to come this way we’ll certainly not be able to make it!)

In short, we’re guessing that preparing a European tour can’t be easy, and that combining different dates, authorizations and venues must give the organizer white hairs.

Without going so far as to want him to fill an Arena, or a Zenith (6800 seats), we’ve always imagined Kim Hyun Joong in a more intimate venue with a more prestigious history, such as the Rex or the Olympia.

We have absolutely no idea how many people would turn out for a Kim Hyun Joong concert in France, but a 2,000-seat venue like the Olympia – whose capacity seems quite ridiculous compared to the Japanese venues where Kim Hyun Joong usually performs two days in a row – would cost around €25,000 for the hall alone and the same amount for the sound system (and that’s just the minimum).

Without wishing to compare the artists prestige  or their different musical styles, a ticket can cost between €55 and €77 for a Ben Harper concert, which seems a reasonable price to us, and between €63 and €195 for a Chris Isaak concert, which seems a little too much to us, as over €100 is a psychological threshold to be avoided (which fans of this artist will certainly be prepared to pay, given the rarity of his appearances…).

Add to the cost of renting a venue, the travel expenses of at least 12 people and their equipment for Kim Hyun Joong and his team, salaries, accommodation expenses for all these people, catering costs and probably other expenses we can’t even imagine, and we can easily understand that the guy in the tie must very often verge on hysteria or on nocturnal heart attack.



What’s the point of this “chronicle”?

Nothing, we try to console ourselves as best we can.

In the meantime, let’s continue dreaming…