Archives 19-jun-2023

Chef Hyun Joong is back in the kitchen.

This will be on June 29 at 7pm (Korean time) and if we decide to post the stories of our “voluntary quarantine” (something we haven’t decided yet), the point of this information is nil as it will no longer be topical, but as this is a Live intended for members of the Korean fanclub, it will piss off a little less those who aren’t members and won’t be able to attend live…

(😈 Yes,  you’ll have to join next year, it’s one of the ‘benefits’ of fan club membership if you were wondering what it’s for…)

Don’t despair,  HENECIA agency will certainly think of offering a condensed version of the show to non-members on Youtube at a later date.

In short, everyone is invited to send in their national recipes.

If they can’t try them all live, they can publish a (very thick) recipes book.


Shouldn’t we send them the recipe for Crêpes flambées with Grand Marnier? 🤔

Because Crêpes au Nutella isn’t exactly a French national recipe😏

( 😈 Forget the crêpes, just send them the bottle of Grand Marnier… )