This may seem like a silly question about “FOLLOWERS” on Instagram, coming from someone who only arrived on the network at a very late stage and probably hasn’t figured it all out yet …

Why do some people absolutely want to follow and be ‘friends’ with everyone on this planet?

Should we feel obliged to find out what people we don’t know have had for breakfast in the morning?

Do all those pages we subscribe to, always publish subjects that interest us?

What do people do after subscribing to hundreds of accounts to avoid being bothered by those bells and whistles that constantly warn you that new content is being published?

OK, so they have the option of deactivating the notifications (😂very recent discovery…).
But why become a ‘follower’ of someone if it’s not to follow them and be notified of the very interesting events in their life?

Do those who follow hundreds of people have the time to really take an interest in all their many ‘friends’?

And what happens to our real friends in the midst of all this?

Do we have time to pay them a little attention when they need it?