Archive 03-jun-2023

It’s June 3, 2023, and it won’t be a day of celebration for everyone!

We can call today’s content:

“Life without Kim Hyun Joong”.

“The Diary of a Groupie on Her Third Detox Attempt”…

or simply

“The story of an improbable bet” …



Someone who had been watching us wordlessly for three years finally pointed out that we had all the symptoms of people addicted to an illicit substance.

A diagnosis without appeal, which we didn’t need to be given, as we’d already realized that, thank you.

This compelling and irrepressible need to “consume” Khj, the impossibility of controlling the quantity of the daily dose, the time devoted to its consumption and that devoted to its research, increased significantly over the months.

As with any regular consumption of a psychoactive substance, this dependence leads to a progressive disinvestment from other activities (inevitably, since your mind is constantly obsessed with a single subject, and you end up not making room in your brain for anything else).

We’ve never agreed to let someone else rule our lives, we’ve never agreed to have habits imposed on us that aren’t necessarily our own, we’ve never agreed to have our priorities decided for us, and we don’t like the feeling of being constantly hungry.

So how did we get here?

It’s a vexing fact, and as there’s no medicine to stop this kind of addiction, only willpower can overcome the problem, and the therapy will be abstinence!


So we took the crazy gamble of lasting…one month!

Thirty days without posting anything!

Seven hundred and twenty hours!

Forty-three thousand two hundred minutes🥵

Who says we won’t last?

How much do you want to bet?