Yes, we are aware, everyone’s head is in the moon since last night, but  ATOM MUSIC HEART is calling for help from their Instagram account.

They are doing a LIVE performance tomorrow night which will be streamed online FOR FREE .
(Thursday, 08/19/2022 concert starts at 7 p.m. and AMH starts at 11 p.m. — Korean time –)

It will be happening LIVE from Itaewon (Studio HBC), the current reference place for Korean independent music.

If you want to attend we give you the link at the bottom of the page, you have to register it’s very easy.


Very quickly and as a next priority, they also need Likes and Comments on this new Teaser of their next album



Here is their message and you will understand that it is not in their habits to beg for Likes or Comments but unfortunately in the era of everything social all works by views, and most of the time the popularity of a musician unfortunately does not depend on the quality of his work but on the numbers of a media counter.

They applied to participate in the Busan International Rock Festival in October and need support because even though their latest album Exile of iZm was nominated in the ” Best Rock Album” category at the 2022 Korean Music Awards , nothing is won if those damn little counters don ‘t take off.




A few days ago, we went to Carl Park Records once again, to do another one-take-live gig.
For this new concert, we played songs that have not yet been released.

These songs are from our upcoming 2nd album.

We are working on this video/audio and it will be shown to you soon on the CPR Youtube channel.

In the meantime, here is a little clip from the last concert.

And we rarely ask for a “Like” button or comments on our posts.

But this time, we ask you to please grant us your favor.

The BUSAN International Rock Festival is held in October and we have applied to be on one of the festival’s Rising Stages.

The group’s online popularity, based on the number of likes and views, is significant, so please help out if you can.

Thanks !




Here is, to attend their performance online tomorrow, the link to the site 👉   MAHOCAST – LIVE from Itaewon  


Live from Itaewon” by Studio HBC

Date: 2022.08.19 19:00

We launched the Live from Itaewon performance series, which streams performances by new bands at least once a month at Studio HBC, a beautiful venue located in Haebangchon, Itaewon, the emerging mecca of Korean indie music.

The purpose of these performances is to provide an opportunity for up-and-coming bands to promote their music more widely, and online and offline performances can be enjoyed without purchasing tickets.

How to watch performances online: After registering as a Mahocast member, you can select Live from Itaewon, choose a team to support, and then watch and support artists with stones.


How to watch the performances offline: After free admission to the HBC Studio, please support the bands in the form of a voluntary donation.


Your support is a great strength for the place and the artists!


In the future, many groups that will strengthen your ears are planned, so we ask for your interest and support.



《 Broadcast Content 》
Air Date: 2022.08.19 (Fri)
Public Start Time: 18:30~(KST)

19:00~19:40 Idler
20:00~20:40 Lanalogue
21:00~21:40 Vanillare
22:00 ~22:40 Narotic
23:00~23:40 Atom Music Heart


【Free Membership Registration】
If you register as a member using the link below, you can comment on the live stream and receive stone/stone gifts .


【About archived video (VOD)】
This performance does not disclose archived video (VOD).


【How to watch same day】
1. Go to mahocast website and login with the id and password you purchased the ticket with.
2. After logging in, when it’s time for the broadcast, click on the main image of the broadcast on the Maho Cast home screen to go directly to the viewing page.


☆ Stone/Pierre ☆
This is a gift used on the mahocast site.
After purchasing stones/pierres in advance, you can support the artist by sending the stones purchased during the broadcast.

The stones can be purchased at the same time as the purchase of the ticket.