Today is the day of very touching words from HENECIA artists.

Here is the message that Jun Hyung posted on his Instagram page (junhyung_music) which only confirms another quality that characterizes this talented artist.

It is that of “Leader”, because he too directs and motivates without forgetting to always have a word of gratitude and encouragement for his colleagues and for the people with whom he collaborates.

We are however sorry to contradict (kindly) Jun Hyung, because this may be the first time that the members of Gemini have each put a little bit of themselves in a “physical” album, but it is not the first time they took up a challenge.

Although different, the challenge of adapting and updating dozens of Kim Hyun Joong’s existing songs for three seasons of “Music in Korea” and Seven PRISM TIME concerts has been equally remarkable, and we would also love to find all these versions in just a simple collector’s CD that does not need to be as sophisticated in presentation as the “My Sun” album…


Message from Jun Hyun

Kim Hyun Joong’s third regular album “My Sun” was released in February.

Although it is an album released in three parts for six months,  I think the actual preparation period was one year before its release.

The time passed so quickly between preparing the overall concept and directing it to its release.

“My Sun” is the first album in which all members of Gemini participated.

All the members worked hard.
Everyone has had a hard time and this album seems to be different.
Those times when everyone struggles and feels special.
Super members, this is a song that all of you participated in…

These are songs with the personal touch of each of the great members, so I hope you listen to it and can love it as much as I do.

May everyone be happy until the day we meet again!

So see you soon !


We really hope to be able to meet them all one day not too far away…