City Conquest – 2012
Release date : 2012
Role: Baek-Mir one of the theme songs of this series, Living Because is sung by Kim Hyun Joong.

Adapted from the comic book of the same title of Shin Hyung-bin, the action series initially had a budget of 4 billion pounds sterling. With Kim Hyun-joong, Jeong Yu-mi and Namkoong Min, the shooting began in Japan in July 2012.

Due to the Kim Hyun Joong’s fanbase, the international broadcast rights were resold to Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The series was abandoned despite colossal financing and the interest by the largest Korean and international channels. The reason being: too violent (they said…)

Direction: Yang-Hyun-Ho

Hating his father who abandoned him with his mother, Baek Mir seeks revenge against the perverse society that destroyed his family.