Can Love Be Refilled – 2005
Release date : 2005
Role: William HJ Lee was born when his parents were traveling around the world and he got the first name William in Europe. He demonstrated golf skill from an early age. With a vain character, most of his trainers don’t want to deal with him. Changes begin when he meets Mijoo.

Sarangdo Ripili Doenayo (Korean)
Other titles: « Does Love Refill » « Love Refill » « Can We refill Love? »
Directors: Chan Soo Go and Jae Woo Lee
Sitcom broadcast starting in November 2005 on KBS2.

A modern love story and the compatibility in marriage. Humor through marriage and the love of three sisters. The three main female characters are respectively employed in fashion as events planner, gastronomic reviewer and sports agent.