As promised, the weekly new contents of Kim Hyun Joong’s official channel will be acoustic covers.

He will cover songs by other artists and if you want to ask him for his version of a song you would like to see him sing, do not hesitate.

Leave your choice in the comments of his channel, but be reasonable and keep in mind that these should be songs that can be adapted to his voice and an acoustic version that does not necessarily require the participation of a whole group of musicians but only a guitar and a voice.

His first cover today is that of a song by YOUNHA (윤하) and the title of the song is “사건의 지평선 (Event Horizon)” which can also be translated as “point of no return”.

The stage where you can’t go back.
The capethat must be exceeded in order to move forward and reach the next step.
Leaving bad memories and fears behind, sometimes also choosing to get rid of people and keep only the best memories in your heart.


The backlit images in this clip may not be very varied but the light is just simple and beautiful.

We really like the choice of this song with a message, even if lately other artists have also thought of using it as “cover”, but we find that hearing it sung by Kim Hyun Joong the lyrics have a special meaning, don’t you?



Here is Kim Hyun Joong’s message regarding his choice:

The first song in our 2023 Cover Project is “Horizon of Events” by Yoonha.
Horizon of Events” by Yoonha, who has been loved by many as a reverse gear icon from last year to this year.
I only discovered her recently and I love her so much that I listen to her Like
the success story of this beautiful song, why not try not to be too impatient, live in the moment and bide “our time”?




Here are the lyrics: 

To have many thoughts
It’s a burden that must be fulfilled
For me, our relationship is a priority
As an excuse, it seems like the wind has been locked away for safety
in a glass bottle,

Remember? The hand we held that day
Contained more faith than excitement
I had the widest smile
But also, I had to shed tears
What is precious always contains fear

The voice heard when the door opened
The warm atmosphere that changed because of you
I’m still not sure, but goodbye

There, the position of the missing star
A white light in the distance
She may shine for a while
Even if the time of generous twinkling
Slowly dwindles
She will live and breathe in your heart and mine
This is not the end of each other
But the corner of a new road
Let’s not deceive the truth with familiarity
One by one, when our memories wake up
I’ll miss you so much
Thank you, but now
It’s beyond the event horizon (this is the point of no return)