We promise, one day we will talk to you about Copyright and Image Rights , but for today we only want to say that unfortunately or fortunately, nowadays there is not only a sound war but also a war of images,  and no one can participate in the promotion of an artist without them.

We may listen to his music on all possible and imaginary platforms, but we are all looking for photos or videos.

So of course there are rules of common sense, prohibitions of private life to respect, and it is necessary as far as possible not to forget to credit the author of the image and/or the one who spent time to edit it and work on it to make it more beautiful.

But, without wanting to appear moralistic, forbidding yourself to publish something beautiful and waiting for others to do it first in your place to be sure not to break “rules” is ridiculous and surely very frustrating, isn’t it?

Kim Hyun Joong has a team and lawyers who are responsible for defending his interests and his image, the day when something does not suit them they will not fail to request its withdrawal
(😈no need to make petitions for that)

All this to say that no one has “forbidden” watching videos filmed during concerts by fans, and that it is even advisable to leave them a comment to thank them for sharing with us precious moments to which we cannot attend.

Is it better to want to hypocritically “forbid” others from watching something we watch ourselves?
( by putting a little dislike at the end – it’s so much more enjoyable 😈)

That won’t prevent us from buying the DVD of the concerts when it comes out, right!
(👿 That shouldn’t stop us from buying tickets to already scheduled concerts either! )



So here are 2 videos still from 별빛현중 [Starlight Hyunjoong] regarding the second day of concert in Japan Yokohama on 04-09-2022.

Guys, these images do not promote their author; he/she doesn’t even ask us to subscribe to his/her channel.

These images participate in the artist’s promotion and are only the fruit of a fan’s love and admiration!





and thanks also to lifewithnica for the follow 4 videos.